Camp K-9 would like to provide all our clients with the opportunity to participate in obedience classes at all levels. You and your dog will gain a superior foundation in all aspects of canine behavior and obedience training.

Down. Stay.

Down. Stay.

You will be able to enjoy your dog whether on vacation or just walking down the street. All our training is done with positive reinforcement. We look forward to seeing you there! We have three options for training.

On-site we offer training Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7pm-8pm we have training with Theresa, you can contact her at 708-528-1053 or access her website for more information.

For on-site classes on the weekend, Saturday afternoons from 11am-12:30pm Sit Means Sit trains at Camp K-9.

For off-site or personal consultations, we refer people to Patrick with Mac’s K-9 in Crete, IL. (website has background music)

All of the trainers we work with have years of experience handling all kinds of dogs and dog behavior. At Camp K-9 we never wants a dog to go homeless due to poor or no training, and we encourage every dog owner we meet to seek training. An obedient dog is a happy dog.

Through the tunnel!

Through the tunnel!


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