Brr! It’s been a slushy wet winter here at Camp! I definitely love the snow, and I love to run through the slush! It’s fun, and messy, and that’s what dogs like me like best! As with anything fun, though, there are some precautions to take to make sure that we pups have the best time possible!

Some dogs come equipped with fur-lined feet to aid in traction and to keep their sensitive pads warm. Unfortunately, ice and snow can build up between the toes, clinging to this downy fur. This can cause raw, red, and even bleeding feet, and is very uncomfortable. Be sure to take breaks from the snow to go in, warm up, and de-ice your dog’s feet. You’ll both be thankful, he wont have sore feet, and you wont have melted snow all over your floor!

For short-haird dogs, like me, you need to be careful of paws, and the rest of the dog, getting too cold. Short haired dogs don’t have nearly as much insulation as our fluffier friends, and we may need boots, or even a coat to help with this harsh weather. Smaller short-haired breeds, like chihuahuas or Italian greyhounds will need very limited time outdoors so as not to catch a chill.

Be safe, be warm, and keep your dogs close for a cuddle! Can’t wait for Spring!


Kaylee Tips