It’s warminOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAg up here in the Chicago Suburbs and that means it’s time to be extra careful for our canine companions! The cool AC works great but you need to watch the temps outside before you take a nice long walk with fido. The 5 second rule is a great thing to keep in mind as you walk your pet! The five-second rule: Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it for five seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog. Puppy’s pawpads are super sensitive like our own hands. So if you can’t stand the heat neither can they! Quick potty breaks in the grass and keep off the pavement when the sun is beating down. Also always make sure water is always readily available for your dog during the hot months. Dogs can get heat stroke just like humans can! The way they cool down is by panting and sometimes that just isn’t enough to help keep cool, so make sure water is close by at all times. Of course all pet owners know this but just to reiterate NEVER LEAVE YOUR POOCH IN THE CAR. Not even for “just a few minutes”! Plan your trips ahead so if you have to go somewhere your pet is safe and cool indoors!

So what should you do when the summer heat has got you down?

  • Freeze water beforehand! When you do take those walks in the warm weather, you will have nice cool water on hand as the ice melts down. Another fun trick is to get a giant bowl of water and freeze your dogs favorite ball/kong/rope toy into a cool block of ice. They will have fun trying to chomp their way to their toys and keep cool while doing it!
  • Make some safe pup-sicles. Freeze some chicken or beef broth as a nice treat
  • As long as their diet allows, treat your pups to some doggie ice cream!
  • Get out the hose/sprinkler. Have fun watching your dog prance through the water and try to snap at the streams!
  • Invest in a doggie pool. Whether you buy a kiddie pool or take them to a dog swim center let your pup get those paws wet! (Make sure your dog is always supervised in and round water!)
  • Find a nearby dog beach. It is like the summer-time dog parks! Do your research and get those bathing suits ready.
  • ( With all these watertimes make sure your dog is prepared! First make sure your dog actually enjoys these activites. Never try and force a dog to play in water if they are afraid! If you are taking your dog out make sure they know how to swim before just tossing them in. Be watchful and aware of what is going on around you, do not let your dog drink the water they are swimming in and rinse your dog off after every swim. If your dog needs to you can invest in a doggie floatation device.)
  • Set up an inside fort with blankets over their doggie bed and a fan to circulate the cool air over them!
  • Wait until twilight and have nice evening romps outside in the cooler night time temperature (make sure your dog is protected against fleas and ticks before any outside activities!

Do you have any fun summer time tips, tricks or activities you enjoy with your four-legged family member? Comment and let us know about it!

Kaylee Tips