Boarding at Camp K-9 provides your dog with love, compassion, playtime and the stimulation your pet deserves when you can not be there for them. Our goal is to make all our Camp K-9 campers happy and less stressed when apart form their owners. Breakfast, dinner and water are all served in stainless steel bowls for cleanliness and safety. The bowls are washed and sanitized after each meal and beds are made daily. Treats will be given throughout the day unless otherwise directed. We do ask that you provide your dogs food clearly labeled with their name, phone number and feeding directions along with any medications to be administered.

Each day begins at 6 am with a visit to the backyard for potty time. All our campers are fed according to the schedule you have provided for us otherwise feeding times are at 7 am and 4pm. All the dogs are given water throughout the day whether they are inside playing or out in the yard. Last visit to the yard before bedtime is 9 pm then its lights out.

Doggie Daycamp

Our doggie daycamp is for those dogs that love to make new friends or visit with old ones. We offer the convenience of socialized playtime whether you are at work, shopping or just need to get things done around the house. There will be no worrying about your dog home, bored, sad, or anxious.

Your dog will frolic with other dogs and people, play in our 1,800 sf indoor facility or romp in our fully fenced yard. Your dog will have a great day at daycare and you will be able to enjoy yours knowing your pet will be well cared for. You will be picking up a tired, happy, and relaxed pet at the end of the day.

Before any new dog is admitted into daycare they must undergo a temperament test to make sure that are good in a social atmosphere. All boarding and doggie daycare clients must have a completed boarding/daycare agreement on file with a current print out of the dogs’ vaccinations.


The following guidelines will help to make Camp K-9 a safe and fun place for all our campers. When checking into Camp K-9 please make sure to have an updated copy of your dogs vaccinations/agreement on file.

Please adhere to our hours of operation.

Do Not bring the following:

  • Rawhide, greenies or anything your dog could choke on.
  • Beds or blankets unless elderly and will not chew it up.
  • Bowls. We use our own stainless steel bowls and yours will not get misplaced.
  • No pinch collars. Please take your leash with you as well.
  • Toys that can be chewed up.

Please provide us the following:

  • Completed boarding/daycare agreement with a copy of their current vaccination schedule.
  • Food clearly marked with times of feedings and amounts.
  • Special treats if your dog requires them.
  • All medications/vitamins and supplements clearly marked.
  • Kong toys with treats or peanut butter for bedtime snacks.
  • Camp K-9 Boarding and Daycare Contract



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