Creepy Crawlies

The weather is getting warmer and we all know what that means! Little critters making a meal of your pet. While Camp K-9 suggests all pets be on year-round preventatives, we absolutely require it in warmer months.

One dog coming in with just a few fleas can infect the whole kennel in a matter of days, and we have made sure that it has never happened even once. By having tile floors and rubber matting instead of carpet Camp K-9 makes a very inhospitable climate for fleas, ticks and other itchies that could hide in the fibers.


So make sure to see your vet for all the heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives needed for your four-legged friend.


Kaylee Tips


Toy Time!

How come you don’t see toys lying all around Camp K-9? Some dogs can be toy aggressive, and don’t like to share. By keeping the toys put away until toy time, we avoid any conflicts. When we do bring the toys out, we take a small group, no more than ten pups, and put nearly 20 toys in for them to romp with! By having more toys than dogs, and keeping it controlled, our campers get the all the fun of toys and none of the negatives!

If we have a dog who is protective of a certain kind of toy (tennis balls, tug toys, etc.) we will take that dog out for some one-on-one time with one of our staffers to fetch or tug as much as they want! We want all our pups to have the most fun they can in a safe and happy environment.


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The Flu

Did you know your dog canget the flu just like you can? Not the same flu, of course, but dogs have their own strain called “Canine Influenza“. In 2004 the virus “H3N8” was found in dogs and is the cause of the canine flu. The doggie flu is very contagious, but there is a vaccine and treatment available from your vet. If your dog is coughing or sneezing, your best bet is to keep them home from Camp and to get them to a vet, where they can be diagnosed and treated to get back to their healthy playful selves!


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Training is an essential part of every dog’s life. Good obedience training makes the difference between a happy, well-adjusted dog and a terror who destroys everything in sight. If you have a dog attending Camp K-9 who is learning a basic command at home, we encourage you to let us know. We will work on the command at camp as best we can to help your training along!


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Dog of the Month Feb 2012

dixie3-1024x768Dixie has practically grown up with daycare at Camp K-9!
At about 4 months old she jumped in to the play and quickly became a Camp favorite! Her goofy smile and wacky antics endear her to saff and dogs alike. We’re fairly certain Dixie never slows down, and she shows it off everytime she gets out into our big yard, tearing from one end to the other lightning fast!

Kaylee’s Tips: Socialization

Puppies and dogs need play and socialization throughout their lives, and doggie daycare is a great place for that.  Daycare provides a safe environment for dogs to play with other pups and people and learn how to play and get along.  Daycare at Camp K-9 is kennel free (a dog that needs lunch mid-day will be kenneled while they eat to prevent food aggression), and provides indoor and outdoor play areas for your dog to get the play and exercise they need.  See our daycare page for information and prices for our doggie daycare.


Kaylee’s Tips: Vaccinations

Make sure you are ready for your doggie’s stay by checking their vaccinations in advance. Pups must have been vaccinated against rabies, bordatella, and distemper within the last 12 months to come to Camp K-9 (3 year vaccines are acceptable as well if documented as such).  We also require dogs to be on flea/tick and heartworm prevention to keep our other guests safe.

Make sure your pup’s up to date so they can come and play!


Kaylee’s Tips: Doggone Busy

When you’re making plans for a trip, here’s a handy guide to some of our busiest times. These are occasions when you will want to get your reservations in as early as possible to make sure you get a spot!

Spring break, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial and Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Over the summer we get pretty swamped, especially in June and July, and the first weeks of August.  If your trips fall over these holidays get your spots reserved now before they get snatched up!